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I'm Henry Lawson, a Software Consultant. You've landed on my blog, a repository of articles and thoughts on Software and Business.

Recently, for various reasons, my interest in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has peaked. I have had exposure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and as such am fairly comfortable with their offering, platform and services. However I have not had the chance to be exposed to the same level to GCP.

A typical action when working in Trunk Based Development (TBD) is to revert a commit that caused a red build. Sometimes this is the appropriate action to take. Sometimes it is not. This article provides some learning's and discussion points to consider before mandating that all commits that caused a red build should be reverted.

In Are You Fully Charged? Tom Rath quotes a study on Pro Social Incentives for teams. I had come across a similar idea presented before in Drive by Dan Pink. My own experiences participating in sporting teams and at ThoughtWorks further emphasized the argument for it.