Practical Vim by Drew Neil has been very helpful on my journey to learning how to use Vim. The book started by giving a nice overview on the Vim way, different modes in Vim, handling files and moving around.

What I found most helpful is that by leveraging Drew's experience and knowledge in Vim I could learn quickly what the basic and fundamental ways to use Vim are. The same learning's can be gained by reading the manual, watching screen casts but I enjoyed the written format as I could read a chapter, let it digest, and continue using Vim. After some time and having become comfortable with what was taught I would then move onto the next concept.

Another great learning from his book was understanding the "Vim Way", its concepts and terminology. This formed a strong base for me to then look into the documentation to solve problems for myself or to get a deeper understanding. Prior to reading this book, the documentation was a little daunting.

I am by no means done with my Vim learning journey I still have a long way to go but this book was very helpful in laying down the basics of what is needed.

This article was first noted down on the 10th of February, 2015.